Shouting Fire In A Crowded Room Testo

Testo Shouting Fire In A Crowded Room

We have followed our leaders into the vault of a burning bank
We raised our children on dead end roads
waiting to death in the summer win
Looking for answers that I was never meant to find

I swallow my tongue in defeat before I drown
face down in the street waiting for the ambulance to arrive
I saved myself from you

Gagging to death on these prayers
my agony is self-inflicted
Burn my body at the stake
My love in effigy
My songs are gasoline in the mouth of a coward shouting "Fire"

I swallow my questions down in fear before I know
Too much of myself, trying to explain what keeps me falling to my knees.

The burden of living proof, I saved myself from you.
In case of a new emergency, I saved myself from you.
When nothing moves in the wake of regret, I saved myself from you.
I saved myself from the arms of corruption
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