Servants Of Divinity Testo

Testo Servants Of Divinity

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I am the darkest ray of light from the sun
Shining down upon you with the darkest grin,
tonight we will suffer for the ones we lost
Tonight we grieve
When will this day ever fucking end
i find myself anchored to these questions with no answers
So untie me and let me drown in my own self pity.
This life is nothing more than a game to test our will
This life is fucking ours
Return our hearts to the sky and let this icy air sew our wounds.
Return our hearts to the sky and Bow down to your god
Believe he shall answer your requests
Your eyes are glaring your hands are fucking trembling
Bow to your fucking god
i shall return to this waste land and see these faces gazing to the sky
With hope in there blood
Only to be ignored
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