Rulers Of The Desolate Lands Testo

Testo Rulers Of The Desolate Lands

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Night cast its shadows
To fiercely rule the desolate lands
Feared creations reborn at night
Bringers of despair and devastation
Lead thy legions forth!
Embrace the world in melancholy

Oh, night of beauty... I admire thee
Choke the flame of heavenly love
Drown the sun in everlasting fires
Drown the sun in everlasting hate

Yet... everything will end
Nocturnal silence, shattered and lost
Slaughtered by daylight
And my search for hell is a circle of chaos

I curse all light while I cut living flesh
Holy blood leaves my being
I spit upon the gift of god
God, my final breath...
... An abomination thrown at thee
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