Out Of Love Testo

Testo Out Of Love

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Out of love
Out of compasion

When I was reading in the book of light
This touched my soul, I stayed awake all night
The written Word was in my thoughts
The truth I heard opened up my heart

You were lead like a lamb to slaughter
And as you bled, hell got hotter
And as I read my emotions were shattered
As I envisioned your body battered

Out of love
Out of compasion
You turned Your light on me
To end my misery

Out of love
Out of compasion
I found I needed you
No one else will do

When I was walking in the valley of the shadow
It was cold, it was a battle
Word on the street was the code to live by
But now I know it was the way to die

You were led like a lamb to slaughter
And as you bled hell got hotter
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