Making The Noveau Riche Testo

Testo Making The Noveau Riche

You say I have to get a real life
But I'm not sure how that in making someone or other rich
Is any more real than making a niche for yourself
I'm without a zack, a truth
A coin, a kopeck or an elusive brass razoo
But my dear rationalist
Don't dream I couldn't care
I too grow quickly bored of the clothes I wear
So maybe I should go and get a real life
Real like cutting a fine figure
Or scraping a deposit together
For if, heaven forbid
Just suppose I cannot live on taxes and goodwill forever
But how is it that the problem just doesn't seem to press
While my fingers are themselves pressing hard against the neck?
I was sure that I suffered and worked as hard as anyone I knew
Well it seems I haven't
I better damn well fix it and make it look every inch as though I do
But still I'll have to go and get a real life
And I've no doubt that it will happen
Maybe I've put it off for too long now
Gonna see if I can't get something better than a
Maybe I'm amidst of a real life
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