Not Interested Testo

Testo Not Interested

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I'm being held at the end of a tether
At the edge of our yard
Stretching away
The work keeps going on
But I've had enough
Of being held in single blocks
Singled out
A duelling occupant
Pushed to vow
They say I'm not old enough
But I am getting over these intercoms
She said I don't call them back
And never seem the same afterwards
To look as good as I did
I guess they're not interested
Is it a wonder I'm reluctant?
Is it some mere intrigue that brings them forward?
It's not as if they have to stay
They're not doing me any favours
I've had enough
They're not doing me any favours
I've had enough
She said I don't call them back
They never seem afterward
To look as good as they did
They're not as interesting
It's suffocating and almost shaming
The way they carry on you would think
We were the one's maintaining the old world's fading
Mum and Dad can't seem to get past that
I'm leaving
I don't want to upset them but
I'm leaving
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