That Sound Testo

Testo That Sound

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Devil May Care, But I Don't
Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't
And I Hear A Sound Comin' My Way
On Saturday Night When Somebody Said
Go On Downtown, everbody's gathering 'round
To Hear That Sound
Ya Hear That Sound

And The Ladies All come To See The Band
Movin' Their Feet And Clappin' Their Hands
And Look Up To The Stars In The Sky So High
They Get That Buzz And Go
Only room For More, And There's Only One Way To Know
About That Sound
Ya Hear That Sound

Come Along With Me, Get Ready To Go
We Gotta Use Ourselves Up Before We Grow Old
I Hear 'em Playin' Our Song You Know We Can't Go Wrong
A Tune You Know For Sure
Keeps The Bonfire Burning, And There's Only One Way To Learn
About That Sound
Ya Hear That Sound
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