Yet To Keep Testo

Testo Yet To Keep

Somewhere in the darkness if you look intently

You'll se my open heart glowing like a fool
Revealing a pleasure saved for all time.
A hidden treasure captured in my view,
and a promise yet to keep from me to you

When Sunday morning taps you on the shoulder
Returning from the small town where you grew
Awaiting you is someone who's been saving a
little of his own to give you.
And the hidden pleasure found as one brand new

In the evening quiet when you listen closely
and hear my tired eyes sighing into sleep.
I'm dreaming of a faint tremble I felt before
A whisper of a promise yet to keep.

As the moonlight dives into your green eyes
And swims along the secrets that you keep
Somewhere between you memories and visions
for tomorrow, maybe there's a space that's meant for me.

I've seen so many things, though I've never looked intently
among my random glances I notice but a few,
Pleasures worth saving forever.
These hidden treasures captured in my view
with a promise yet to keep from me to you
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