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Testo 5000 G

One Direction: Zayn Malik lascia la band
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Trying hard to duplicate the scene
You're seen so much in magazines
It's not what you decide inside
It's what you try to hide
You've got a thousand lines
You think you're from the U.S.A.
We've got a problem now
It's time to seize the day

Everytime I hear you talking
Everytime I see you walking
I just need to be someone you believe

Packing knives and picking knives with me
Your big mouth keeps your dignity
You're like an actor saying lines
You're not the star this time
'Cause I wont listen now
Because I've heard your shit before
It's time to realize
It's time to even the score
There's a scene to yourself

Scarica la suoneria di 5000 G!
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