The One We Forgot Testo

Testo The One We Forgot

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Haven't seen the way you look at me
But I'm just crying out to see
A friend that will not end up hurting
I said hello again today
But everyone just turned away
Won't be back with the same tomorrow
It's not supposed to be that way I'm just trying not to say
What I think and feel for you today
You want me there you need someone too
Look down on and I'm there for you It's always gonna be the same way
I feel the pain it's in my back
The knives you use are the truths you lack
I'm bleeding now I need to see that
'Cause every night when I go home
I might want to be alone
Someone like you might try to see me
I've worked out It's not fair
It used to be the way things were to stay

Every day, I see you walk away
Every day, It's not to get around
Every day, I see you walk away
Every day, It's not to get around
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