Fall To The Ground Testo

Testo Fall To The Ground

Everyday, he plays the game purse
He's got them runnin around
will they fall to the ground every time

Life inside, he's got something to hide
Right now he's angry, denied
with a reason so don't wonder why

your past your prime

Know what they said is what I've done
Killed my respect for everyone (you cant be sure, you never know)
I've come this far
Not goin, back this time

Take a gun, there only there for fun
It must be a movie or song
If its right or its wrong, it a sign

Point the blame, Violence in life's the same
And with no reason for that
we'll just make up the facts every time

make fun the crime

Hey! You've got your own opinion
You've got your own opinion
You decide.

Not goin, back this time
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