Let Em Loose Testo

Testo Let Em Loose

I left MTL and my babe behind This is anarchy one more time 5 Aussies and a Greek in the van Travelled across the world to drive across this and Let 'em loose Let 'em loose Start her up and hit the juice Hope to God we don't hit a fuckin' moose Endless highway and cigarette butts Bloodshot eyes Empty coffee cups Been driving for a thousand kliks And now I'm getting pulled over by the pigs again (Fuck) Feel the tension in the van Unless you've done it you'd never understand Gotta make it to the next show Sleep deprivation overload Anal vapours Smelly socks Sleeping on a pizza box Wasted in a bar Vancouver B.C. Swilling back the brews Reflecting on the journey It was long and hard and that's a bloody fact Only problem now is I gotta drive back. Fuck!

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