Headz Ain't Ready Testo

Testo Headz Ain't Ready

BCC: Buckshot Smif-N-Wessun (Tek and Steele) The Fab 5 (Originoo Gun Clappaz and Heltah Skeltah) ** FB5: Originoo Gun Clappaz (Louisville, Strang, Top Dawg) Heltah Skeltah (Ruck and Rock) Intro/chorus: Headz Aint Ready for the Clik we got Headz Aint Ready when I swear they not Verse One: Louisville, Strang, Top Dawg, Ruck, Rock Now a days I had it up to here from my chest to my head when the buddha bless bless my head and the eyes are red comin 4 ya, 3-2-1 nice to know ya you wanted to pop junk so now it's like a little Vigor I outta floor ya Headz Aint Ready got the Original Gunz and machetes I pin that ass to the grass like I was Teddy cuz brothas aint ready for the fros and the dreads grab the glock and hitcha from ya toes to ya head There's an X amount of yar-we yo pass the gar-weed pass it over here so I can get Irie-why we smoke so much brothas be askin why the Originoo Gunn Clappaz keep on clappin Headz Aint Ready for what my clique got in store cuz what we got in store keeps us prepared for the war shows get blown, ho's get thrown out the room plus knuckas get??? from now til noon Now assume posistion, punks pissin in pants cuz lyrical skillz is makin you feel... Still liftin, incase you didn't know how we be livin it's in my nature to keep robbin like Givens for real doe, when your still broke kill or be killed jerk you don't know so I leave ya screwed like a dildo I still blow, punks I crush into dust plus we gothcha bucks (Who the warriors?) Rock & Ruck ass what Chorus 2X Verse Two: Tek and Steele, Buckshot What's that aroma in the air? treason, so wghat that means son son that mean it's huntin season Time to stack papes do you got what it takes can you react when your lifes at stake I rock the stripes of an M-P pon my timb tree and keep the Tauras from my enemy whenever he comes in the mist of this Boot Camp Clique it gets realer so watch this, serve justice 3-2 degrees freeze until these MC's decide to relieve you from grievin On my way from out of state I hit my block F-A-P wit my man Ruck & my man Rock S-T jus left my man brown nose now we gotta sac of the black for the shows clothes aint really nuthin ta me bit I stay wit my Timberland tree and my B-double-O-T-C Rock, keep my hair notty did you know it's me floatin wit potent see Buckshot b-d-b-d and the Evil Dee we rock fluently Chorus 2X Verse Three: Ruck, Tek, Top Dawg, Steele, Buckshot, Rock Mr. McGee don't get me angry(why) you wouldn't like it when I mangle your thoughts to done start to change you rearrange you, way you all be kickin my flava, even my neighbours notice a change in the Ruckest behaviour now you roaches don't even come close or approach this what I be smokin leave your monkey ass chokin straight from yardie like the one Robert Marley you hardly ever saaw me witout a bag of that bomb weed I wake up in the mornin and chocolate was thoughts reachin in my pocket for the roach to spark it I'm steppin in hotter this year wit my brethren dry-tear my cousin wit no fear so who wanna come tess Top Dawg to get you out the plastic and then take you to the morgue Here's Mr. Meena, the crook wit the mouth full known for bein live and rockin nose flava timbos half pass Lincoln clothes that is stinkin country bwoy got me just zonin and thinkin Time to start stackin on you crab ass snakes gotta move right, cuz my reps at stake call up my dawgs thats quick to bust P.N.C. take it back to the dust now I got 4 eyes to watch my back plus my own 2 make it a full 6 pack now we bring the ruckas to wannabee knuckas bodyin suckas like a change of my chuckas Don't you know the W-a-r(war) is o-n(on) open to them headz scopin hope-in they can get a bite and write what I write but they don't know the night keeps me and my clique air tight(right) all you biters wanna chunck the script but your quick to take a flick by my side/and you take my hand , givin tha fake smile but I peeped you for awhile ease off selecta when the beedie pulled your file can I pull your card again its the Bucks-guardian the arm-a-leg, leg-arm & head so begin to drop the bombs(Heltah Skeltah) Booyah! you ask for it who, so people here's war for this I pack an automatic 4-4's kids this aint before so don't even speak about my fleet many pop junk but front when MC's meet them naw ready Outro: Headz Aint Ready for this clique we got(dem naw ready) Headz Aint Ready when I swear they not(naw) Heady Aint Ready for this clique we got(we really ready) Headz Aint Ready when I swear they not(naw) Headz Aint really ready.....we the warriors...

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