Lil' Bit Testo

Testo Lil' Bit

[Chorus: Tek and (Starang)] Get a little bit of ass and a little bit of head (take that) Little bit of haze and a little bit of dro (pass that yo) Get a little bit of goose and a little bit of mo (swig that) Little bit of this little bit of that (true true true) that's tough Get a little bit ex and a little bit of sex (mix that) Little bit of coke and a little bit of dope (slang that) Get a nice jersey along with a fit Little bit of ones little bit of guns (stack that) Little bit of Rocawear and some nice products (like that) Little bit Nike and a little bit of Gucci (cop that yo) Little bit of this and a little bit of that (true true true) [Tek] I know name is range bout' to get he rover man Yall new names finito yall over lanes Peep my form necks backs and pecks Jeep wagon Cadillac truck drop Lex I mean big checks and guns Asses on bitches E.P.M.D. album "Strictly Business" I'm mean on the fizzy flow Beam on the crizzy fo Pockets got them lumps and I lean off the drizzy dro So who know fuckin with smoke besides ya girl Stick a dick all in her throat until she hurl See Tek in the cars or treat us at the bar Or V.I.P. and envy (Starang and Tek combined) [Starang] Dressed up in Sweatpants, headbands call Dru collect my advance Hit the club up Bouncer type chumps looking cut up What up? Will in the house spark bud up Switch up park the truck pull the six up Almost had to smack some bitch up (for what yo?) Opening the door I'm tryin to get my dick sucked Ain't no mix up as I spark the spliff up In the club I can't be on the low Cause some ho from some show Be like I know yo I can't even get my grime on Back up man I ain't here to get my rhyme on Spend a little time until my time gone Weed and Hennessey got a nigga mind gone yo [Chorus] [Buckshot] Who that little bad ass nigga named Buck? Made a little fast cash got a little stuck Got a little fucked up in the game so what I don't care when I'm here put your dancers up Hands up or stand down Cause if it get deeper than this in this bitch Their comin like man down A little bit of bouncers now I know they wanna bounce us now Seein the ___ by the little clout Little shorty bad as hell But look fowl come a little close to the crook Don't get shook now I'm hooked now You got a little body on you baby probably already took now I spit a little game and you came Got you like who that little man with the little frame? A little fame Your fuckin with the Boot Camp Clik shorty Respect the name [Chorus] (Shorty) [Steele] Cocks, cunts, drugs, booze Pamela Anderson, Penelope Cruz Jennifer Love Jennifer Lo Diaz Rahi ??? Mia, Mya, Alicia, Tyra Vivica's a fox and Maria's hotta The Titi is fire And the Vica Secretes Came in with Calice and got all my peeps in [Sean Price] I ain't been in the club since the romp and chub rock Doin the electric slide when it was called the bus stop When yall young niggaz was in school with ya luchbox I was in club Bentley's silk shirt and my gun cocked Red Parrot Rooftop 20's of coke bitch niggaz got they jewels popped Yo, Shems to Baron shirt ?? at Roxy Martini and Rossi I ?????? Now that's tough [Chorus]

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