One Solution Testo

Testo One Solution

At the darkest hour the empire will fall.
Broken burnt out city.
Where high-rises once stood tall.
Free market economy, global catastrophe.
Capitalist conformity, I am consumption's enemy.

Insurrection. Against Global domination.
Direct action. Broken media's exploitation.
No Religion. We hold our own opinion.
We will not barter control; the choice is ours alone.

We fight; we bring this fight into the night.

I smashed out these walls that constrict my thoughts.
Your pro-life lies will not be bought.
The use of misogyny to reign powers and control.
Liberate myself, step outside gender roles.

Distribution. We are our own media's nation.
Dis-function. Hold those responsible for corruption.
One solution, yes my friends this is a revolution.
The future is ours alone. We took control.

We are not waiting for the revolution.
The future is ours alone. We are in constant revolution.
The time is now for the insurgence.
Where there is oppression we will always find resistance.
For every single person trying to 180
this fucked up society, we raise a glass to you
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