Pro-Life Murders Testo

Testo Pro-Life Murders

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
She woke in the morning with her head in a mess.
Did she have the courage to face the protest?
Could she walk through a hateful picket line?
The Christians with their arrogant god in their eyes.
How could they have known the life that she lead?
She was so young, could barely keep herself fed.
?Not now, the time is not right for Me.?
?Would it be fair to me or a baby??

It's her choice (Her choice). Never mind your voice.
Bible thumping, your opinion, fuck your shit religion.
It's her life (Her fight). You try to destroy her rights.
Another doctor is murdered tonight.

She walked to the clinic thinking of the womyn who had died.
Before abortion was legal, church n state cost how many lives?
Even now in Bush's US they are shutting Clinics down.
Funding cuts and fire bombs reign unsound.
How dare they call themselves pro life!
To kill a doctor so easily and cower in the night.
As she approached a smile came beaming as a ray.
Arm in arm, pro-choicers made sure it stayed open another day
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