Make You Love It Testo

Testo Make You Love It

Yeah introducing brutha lets go
Oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeahhh

Ya say you cant be my side chick
But I been blowin up ya sidekick
Tryna get at you wants a grown man
But you frontin and ya boy cant it
You say I'm just too much to handle
Cause all the girls wanna ride in the lambo
But none of the hold a candle to you
So what are you gonna do

Why we even playin like this
Why you gotta be on that ish
when we both want this
I can make you love, I can make you love it
Yeah I know you want it
gonna make you love it yeah yeah yeah
When the truck pull up out front
be ready dont stop when the horn goin honk like
beep beep beep beep beep beep

I be lookin at you and you be lookin at me
But you playin hard to get
you need to holler at me
I got a pocket full of green
In the pocket of my jeans
hop in oh girl I can give you need

[Chorus 1x]

Just wanna please you
Make you feel like you've never felt
Say I need you
And I dont want no one else
But you
I want you
I need you
So tell me what I gotta do

[Chorus 2x:]
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