Set It Off Testo

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Testo Set It Off

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Mmm feels so good (woo woo whoo baby)
Mmm mm mmm (wo wo wo wo wo woo) ooh woo

You've been ever so strict baby mmm
talking bout dont even think of it
I cant even touch it, baby be patient
Imma give to you when you get through prove that you worthy (well) well and I aint give you
know drama went and met ya momma and ya daddy
let em them me that I didnt deserve you (oooh)
well baby since I been so damn good (telling me tonights the night) said I can have it just
however I want it that you make it just let me get on it (ooh oo) ooh my baby I about to break
the word (in my head boy) cause I been patiently
waiting gril the ride to get rode on hope that you can handle whats about go on baby

Baby its bout to go down (imma bout to) set it off
up in here now, really hope you can handle what I'm bout to give you baby
(girl if you just lay down (wo wo wo wo wo woo) baby its bout to go down
(imma bout to) set it off up in here now, really hope you can handle what I'm bout give you baby

no oooh baby I'm not trying scare ya (dont think that crazy noo) but it's been three months, two
weeks maybe five days imma bout to give you the business (giving you all of me baby tell you make to stop)
but I keep going girl aint knowin (you really aint knowin)
We about wake up all the neighbors fo sho oooh oh

[repeat chorus]

been on best behavior (time for you to give me my reward come on baby let me get on board this plane to ecstasy he he)
I know its gonna worth the wait give a taste
(baby I got something show you, sexually I want to get to know you)
just baby give it to me (oooh yeah yeah)

[repeat chorus]
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