Can't Say I'm Sorry Testo

Testo Can't Say I'm Sorry

A. Carlsson/P. Nylén

Hey baby tell me how do you do
It´s been a while since I saw you
Strange to be talking to you this way
After everything that we´ve been through
It makes me sad to make you see
That not a single tear could find me
Cause even when I´m looking back into your eyes
I can´t say I´m sorry
When I think about the best days of my life
I can´t say I´m sorry
Cause I could never tell myself I didn´t try
I can´t say I´m sorry now
Won´t turn around
Can´t say I´m sorry
So I hear you´re hanging with someone new
Never thought I would ask the question
No, never thought I´d say this to you
But somehow it feels like a blessing
No more coulda,woulda,should
Now that feeling´s gone for good
You´re still devine, so beautiful
It won´t be hard just to slip and fall
And my mind could start to wander away
Cause what we had was magical
But I know I´ve said goodbye
To whatever was left tonight
Chorus x 2
I can´t say I´m sorry now
I can´t say I´m sorry
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