Escape Song (Release My Demons) Testo

Testo Escape Song (Release My Demons)

If I can't be your friend, I will be your enemy
Try to destroy me, before I destroy you
Try to burn me, yeah, burn me, yeah, burn me, yo
But be aware, my flame can burn you down

It's too late now to hide - Your soul is mine
You know all sins bring forth a brand new sin

Tear my flesh, feed my pain, drink my blood, I don't care
My evil thoughts will haunt you till your last breath
Your scream won't be heard by no one but the inner man
Who slowly addles you and paints your mind red

It's too late now to hide - Your soul is mine and
my revenge needs blood and pain

I release my demons giving you back
All the pain that you caused
It tears me apart, but I don't mind
I can't hold them back anymore
I release my demons and separate
right from wrong, it's my escape song
I release my demons and eliminate
everything, yeah, everything
That holds me back
You can't hold me back
This is my final attack

This is my point of no return, I got no way back
My poisoned mind's ready to spread disease
I'm down to zero. Disillusioned. This is how I feel
But my collapse will destroy my enemies
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