Sleepwalker Testo

Testo Sleepwalker

Welcome to my sweet dementia
I'm asleep so I only feel ya
No one's here so don't be afraid of
all the voices that you brought with ya
I've been waiting so long
I've been waiting for you so long
In a safe, convenient coma
Take a look around in your head
It's like you've been here before
Did you ever think about that?
I've been waiting so long
But now we have finally met
I'm the voice in your head

Lay down your head and fall asleep
I'm your guardian angel, I'll be here
I take heed of your dreams eternally
You don't know how much it means to me
While you're asleep I feel so free
Your dream is my reality
'cause you're dreaming my life
And I'm living your dreams

Welcome to my insomnia
I can't sleep because I don't wanna
No one's here but I'm afraid
The voices close me into the world I made
I've been hiding so long
I've been hiding from you so long
I slowly sink into a coma
I take a look around in my head
It's like I've been here before
I have never thought about that
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