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Testo Meritocrazy

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
he meritocracy freedom - the contrast of freedom - the contrast the network's avaricious, the fabric takes the darkest quote no salvaging the designated when the hostage is the ransom note the subtle hijacking of freedom leaves the common injury it makes you feel like you're entitled to just a portion of your dignity the harvest is their favorite mammon, reaping the spark in me this is a point-blank, covert colony - i see the meritocracy [chorus:] the meritocracy the meritocracy just when did liberty become the industry freedom - the contrast of freedom - the contrast before i subside, exhausted by aversion i will lay, lay, lay waste their ruling circle the dead-line, connecting all the secrecy i will lay, lay, lay waste that monopoly [chorus] the favorites are travelling the byways - on their dead-soul-drives they feed i see them bring about a shock-wave - (of ferocity) the capitals are racing up the ladder - the circle's narrowing, indeed you get to buy your very matter - (the meritocracy) [chorus]

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