The Load Off Testo

Testo The Load Off

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
these private fantasies
of share and profit
when did the market turn this decadent

desired expertise
claiming the orbit
since when are takeovers this deviant

what can you afford ?
i don't wanna get my mind off things
i don't wanna take the load off
i wanna give this wrath a face
on how the power sets the pace
i will never get my mind off things
i will never take the load off

ahh yeah
the whitewash - a warpath
compassion's - a bloodbath
the new wave - comes on a billboard
latitude - is what you can afford


we should be handling the trigger
with exemplary stealth and speed
or find we're caught inside the engines
of their so collective need

we should debate whatever we negate
it keeps us locked in our submissive state
wearing the uniform we're fucking clones
while the enforcer keeps the gate

the assembly - just cause in their accession
the mission statement - in their compassion

we're just a party for the rich

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