Waster's Anti-Nice Testo

Testo Waster's Anti-Nice

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Extra Kool:]
Wasters anti nice
And that's enough to make the heads swirl
And all of this coming from the man that bagged moth balls
Have another milk shake fatty
Because depressions on me
It's a good thing none the less
Chin straps and helmets are hugs for society
Residents live two times
And I'm wasting all of mine trying to make this kitty cat to purr
Dot dot dot
And that stands for the period
Which usually stands for the finish of exasperation
Of broken floor tiles
Mr. krispy is a mindstate
Cautiously drowning choking on anti-smiles
Everyone act normal because AwareNess will knock your socks off

Johnny the drug boy was a fiend
He did the cracks if you know what I mean
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