Searching For Alaska Testo

Testo Searching For Alaska

Please tell me how this is going to end
Because I can't see anything further than today
I thought I'd be dead by now
So let me sing you a song,
so we can both agree that I'm out of my mind

There's a million things running through my head,
but none of them are ever relevant.
It's true but it never stops
My entire life has been another time,
another place and another version of me.
I can't keep up. This world was not meant for me.

So I'll place my faith in what is real.
I'll never buy into the dream of self delusion.
The dream that keeps us all complacent
I'll never buy

This is the art of the impossible,
the only thing I've ever known
Broken glass and empty promises
It's all I know, it's all I am

Watch it all fade

Be grateful you're not me.
Because everything I touch turns to stone
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