Consecration Testo

Testo Consecration

[Music By D. Volynkin & Shelepenkin, Lyric By D. Volynkin & A. Shelepenkin]

Black waxy candle in my hand
With dusk's approach I go ahead
Through dark corridor of the dead
To start the séance
Open the book of ancient knowledge
Swallow a potion to fill its dark
I mutter the words from the one secret spell
I fall in trance

Potion takes over me
With wide opened eyes I can't see
Blindness drags me into black sea
I feel fear
Unknown images beckon me
Try to keep my mind out of real
Concentrate myself on the one of them
I start to feel it
Image becomes to materialize
Gradually I start to differentiate it
It's a performance of God Holy Play
It is a tragedy and I'm who can feel it
Darkness or Light
Endless Fight
Eternal Endless Fight!!!

[18 April 2000]
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