Stone Heart Testo

Testo Stone Heart

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Music By A. Shelepenkin, Lyric By D. Volynkin]

Open my frozen heart
It has become colder than the ice
It has become harder than a stone
Silver in my eyes I am mesmerised
Vainly Cupid pierces me with his arrows
They are bouncing, breaking and falling down
How can the broken heart feel love again
I need you but you are far away
With hope I wait for a time
When you will come back to me
With hope I look at the Sun
With sorrow it looks at me
My heart is closed for everyone
But it's wide open for you
I can love no-one
Just you and only you
Come back and kiss my frozen lips
Your kiss is a life for my heart
Only the one thing I've understood for all time
You won't come back to cure my heart
So forget my frozen pain
Now I know you can't love
All is gone just a wind to blow again
Over the monuments with the stone hearts

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