Verses Of Doom Testo

Testo Verses Of Doom

(feat. Jeru the Damaja)

Jeru the Damaja

And it goes like this..

For all you new jacks that never heard me spit
Bring beats, rhymes and freaks and watch me spit that shit
Bang like bloods and crips, too legitimate to quit
Emcees talk big but sonic waves crack your helmet
Before long the chicken heads crack they pelvic bones
I blow up spots, slam microphones

Thinking 'bout pacing dawg? Adjust your tone
Fuck rhyming, I'll leave your eyes shinin' like chrome
Rims, main course, knuckle sandwich and 10s
Try and wet me, I multiply like gremlins
I'm a vet in the game, I know the outs and ins
Still I'm constantly beefin' like Cowboys and Indians
Outlaw Star like Gene Starwind
Kickin' that crazy shit like a soccer hooligan

So money break yourself, you know what's good for your health
Call me ninja not hearin' cause I move in stealth mode
After this joint your headphones explode
I rhyme in beeps and blips so I can rhyme in morse code
Flow like ocean, salt water erode
When the mic is in my grip it's sure to corrode and
I glide across the beat like Jordan
Leave competition holy like a Morman

Potent as dust, I'll have ya all stumblin'
Smoke too much you spaced the fuck out like Flash Gordon
Rock this shit from mornin' to mornin'
It's so hot it have rappers want to stop recordin'
Suit up like Superman so Lois Lane reportin'
Swing like Spidey so try and take me like Jay Jonah Jameson

If I miss, I take aim again
Throwin' fire like the human torch leavin' ya'll niggaz flamin'
Play 'em for yourself if you think I'm gaming
Create eathquakes to have your core tremblin'
Be number 9 like love potion
Can't clock my moves, cause I move in slow motion

[Slow Motion Rapping Ensues]

Motion... motion...motion

[Slow Motion Ends]

And it goes like this..

Versus of Doom from Jeru the Damaja
Versus of Doom from Jeru the Damaja (and it goes like this...)
Versus of Doom from Jeru the Damaja
Versus of Doom from Jeru the Damaja
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