Award Speech (Freestyle) Testo

Testo Award Speech (Freestyle)

Yeaa, add chamillionaire twitter that
Still here, still doin it big boy
1, 2 go
Yea yea
You think I'm crazy
You think I'm crazy
You tryna play me
So I'm a shine on boys with the taylor swiftness
This my award speech
I ain't really won no award
But ah you can thank me
Cause you get to hear how it's gon sound in advance
Let's dance

For those of you that think you know me
Something that I wished you know
Took me by the ears before I got both of wrists to glow
I gotta get the dough, said take a picture hoe
Hit em with a commercial song but never got rid of my pistol tho so kiss the floor, misteltoe
Wanna diss me take a chair
Even on my worst commercial day you fakers can't compare
Yea texas I see you at the top
Cause I feel that I am the best option we got
Watch plot on my drop you won't have your way
I'm a always bare arms never amputee
Not at the a.m.a's, not at san tropee
If it ain't a benji I don't understand your pay
Hoodrats coming back but I'm already of y'all
Diamond in my pinky bout the size of a moth ball
Diamond in my ear about the size of a golf ball
Koopa sick as ever just watch out for the cough y'all
Uno, douze, treze, whic garage is the porsche in
I eat complete what the heck is a portion
Y'all my lil sons speak to daddy with caution
Or I will proceed to turn you to an abortion
Fortune, tryna play me till they see I'm kinda smart
Rather be the villain than get a bullet in an honest heart
Don't let a single confuse you cause the rest is kinda dark
Every thought that I dun never thought of is outlined in chalk
Killing em and you would just witness how I'm killin it
Villainess, killin em, kill em with the releastness
Shout out to the homies drake made a couple millions with
Thinking I should pull out the bananas so the millions split
Clips, no pusha no malice
Smooth into my ahnds countin grands with no calus
So up in the air auto pilot can't manage
Haters wonder when I land but I won't it's no alice
Toto, oh know, solo, habit
They be shooting shots but it don't be no damage
Dammit, yes I want it I will have it
Run up on a stage like air yeezy and grab it

Hey I don't mean to interrupt me
But chamillionaire got the greatest verses of all time
And that's all the time
Haha, alright I'm playing
It's koopa
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