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Testo Balla Talk Ii

[Paul Wall] They think I'm a drug deala, I'm dealin large Cause I'm playin with more diamonds, than a deck of cards My wrist light up the room like a bubbling light Im not your bud but I shine kinda like Bud Light Im thoed but you can catch me macking somethings is yella (Yellow) Sippin coconut rum with a lil umbrella Game shooter, I take trips to the Bramuter so many cars I got more keys than a computer Screens fall like snow on a vacation to Alaska Fly to Nebraska for a date with Toni Braxton Ice look like a drunk princess shaving her legs Princess cuts from my toes to the braids of my head Im bolted down, I got more bolts than home depot Crawlin low like a bettle more fly than a seagul For my people I'm a leader give them somthing to folla (Follow) My Roley's show time but this ain't the Apolla. [Chorus] Whoa I feeling so really thoed that I can't po Run that Courvoisier put it on the flo (Floor) Body froze mouth glows why you think those Fools follow close tryin to get my pasos Ice bubbles color shows like a rainbow Never show tell me somethin that I don't know They cant believe its not butter on my bank roll Money froze but I'm sure I need moe [Chamillionaire] Look, look its Chamillion the rap ruler I run with a black crewer Niggas that give a round of applause and clap rugers Being in black cruisers, sip drank outta fat coolers And being in every chinese restaurant like fat buddahs Man we stack movers, everydays a pay day Only thing I do Free is that girl next to AJ This ain't 106 and Park stay shifts and park The great start the bloody rims keep forgetting to start Gotta get them things fixed, buy but I can't tip No chasing my drink mix, but hoes wanna take sips Nah I think not, see you couldn't get shots If you were the blood doin the crip walk And get caught by yourself on a crip block The cheese be gotsta be more than just our noodles & meat on our pasta See through in imposta, you got some locked lips Ain't gotta buy Doritos cause we already got chips, nigga. [Chorus] [Paul Wall] They think I work for Kellogs mouth full of Frosted Flakes I wreck the mic like if you drivin and lost your brakes My mouth got ice shattered with princess cuts swollen Im the ish like if I had a uncontrollable collen Im thoed but you can see me mackin somthings thats chocolate Sippin' on some lemon squeeze with a cherry on top it Game damager I take trips up to canada So many cars I got more keys than a janitor Crawlin low like a tarantula, here I come grab your camera Even though I'm a rookie I'm still far from an amature Its the trunk dismantler from Antawn Drive But catch me being on sattelite over in Cancun live My screens fall kinda similar to coconuts Im trying to keep my pockets fatter than Oprah's butt Im sitting crooked and thoed, wide squatted and slow It goes down boy you already know - hahaaa [Chorus] - (3X)

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