Ballin Is A Habit Testo

Testo Ballin Is A Habit

(*talking*) Balling is a habit over here, at Paid In Full Want you to know that, g'yeah [Hook - 2x] Balling is a habit like Jordan, Bird and Magic My life is fantastic, maculant extravagent Got a high rise and a bachelor pad, rims tumble like acrobats A buck sixty where the dash is at, platinum card no maxing that [50/50 Twin] Balling is a habit baby Chinchilla, makes my jackets baby I don't only get cash, from rapping crazy I'm gutter I grind, stop acting crazy Capping on wax, ain't really me Ten G's a day, that's a brilliant week Big faces breeder thee Caugh nine packs, I sneeze a ki Roll through Panama, floss the Benz Wipe my Timberland's, off with ten's 50/50, the Lil' Twin Leave the rap game, with a flawless win Take a flight, in a G-4-7 Spend the night, in a East Coast setting I'm so hot dog, I need more relish 2004, watch B.C. fetish [Hook - 2x] [Paul Wall] When my car, is changing speed I'm like Tarzan, swanging through trees It's so much, ice in my mouth When I take a deep breath, I get brain freeze Millionaires wanna hang with me R&B girls keep singing to me The FEDs think, I'm exchanging ki's Everyday new car, I'm exchanging keys Boys riding in 7-45's, that was cool last year But I'm V-12 in a 7-60, Kenyon passing me beer I step in the club cameras flashing, girls wanna take my pic Which girls am I taking home, I can take my pick 50/50 in fur coats, so please no finger prints on his mink I tip the bar tender more money, than I spend on the drinks Lil' mama keep skipping and wink, she give me glances I'ma make a move, on them sexual advances And by the end of the night, I can garuntee I'ma be up in them panties I ain't never slept in the same room, twice in my house Frosty the Snowman can build a house, with the ice in my mouth I got more diamonds than South Africa, flawless ice is immaculate I'm flipping the game like a spatula, now these girls ex-boyfriends mad at us [Hook] [Chamillionaire] No spending ends, in gentlemen's Strip clubs, it's just for spinning rims I want it now, I get it then Cop it drop it, cop it again Not him again, not Bennegan's Treat a slut for what, not fin to spend For bitter Gin, and dinner when I can get up in, her little friend Rewind, back to fact that you Get attached, to the bachelor Cause the fact, that I captured the Green back, she unstrapping her Bra strap, getting back in the Jacuzzi, cause of my macking the Water gun'll be splashing for The girl that hops in, right after her Riding mayn, in a Lac with the T.V. screens, in the back of the Seat, Ro got strack and uh Strapped with him, and that's because The same person, that's dapping you Be the same, thinking bout jacking you Stack, is what the girl asking for My ad-libs, is gon laugh at her (ha-ha-ha) Koopa got you Koopa will spot you, yeah right All she gon see, is my tail lights And choke on the smoke, from my tail pipe Houton Texas, endacedar Purple stuff, if that's lavendar Major labels, that's not what I'm asking for Hang up the phone, I'll get back with you [Hook - 2x]

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