Personal Trainer Testo

Testo Personal Trainer

[feat. Twista]

Work you out [x4]

[Chorus: Ric Jilla & Scope]
Can I be your personal trainer
Girl let me work you outtt
Can I be your personal trainer
You'll burn some calories tonight

It's no dream, it's hard work but don't scream
And when I'm done you gone owe some more cream
I'm so clean I work out your whole team
Vodomine and protein and your lean
I know things your gone fiend for codeine
Slow it down, I thow it down and hold it now
Don't worry bout it baby it's enuff to go around
The baddest trainer that the baddest women know in town
Stretch it out before ya get another dosage
Your sweatin gotta weapon you'll be gettin soaked with
She want somebody that il lick it like it's postage
I tell her shut it up I needya stayin focused
The private sessions I be givin her the dopest
I got ya fiening like ya askin where the dope is
And if ya thought that I was playin when I wrote this
Then I'm a have to put you under physical hypnosis
Saunges I got ya dot crunches
I make ya fall in love and make ya wonder what a crush is
You gotta work in good ya gotta show me how it functions
Gotcha double d's looking wetter than some sponges
You wanna work it baby I'm the playa you should know
I'm coming over just to put it in a figure 4
I raised the bar just ta see if you could get it low
Just throwed some doe cause I'm ready to begin the show, wow


She like the way that
I flow, beacause I go
Where that twista be workin her body I feel like other niggas really pain
In the bed with tied bow, because I know I could be your personal trainer like billy blain
When I'm doin what we doin up in the condo
We might aswell have a bubble machine
Workin outcha body in different postions
Is the reason she love when I hear
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo ass looks scrumscious
Because you work on your abs and doin crunches
You ain't gotta lose too much weight
Sometimes I like when the ass humungous
Rapidly workin when we goin at a pace
That il make me wanna say a no playin her
I'm the twista and I can get ya right
So I can I, I, I, I,


[Ric Jilla & Scope: x2]
Girl let me work you out, work you out
Work you out, work you out
Work you, work you out
Work you out, work you ouut

Just work it out, work it out
Just work it out, work it out
Wanna feel right
Just work it out, work it out
Wanna feel right
Just work it out, work it out

[Ric Jilla & Scope:]
Put it out of there
Just take a break
One minute then we back at it again
If you can't feel your thighs
That's because I got you workin muscles
Ya never knew ya had

If you can't take no moooore
Just keep goin and goin and goin like we in the...

And if you feel that your about to explode
That's cause I'm working you out

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