We All Done Testo

Testo We All Done

[Intro - Chamillionaire]
They like “where you been man?”
I'm like “you'll find out when you need to know!”
Poison, coming soon

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
H-town so throwed
If I said it, then you know it's what I mean
I do it all from my home
Cause that's who got me thinking I'm the damn king
I probably hurt a few feelings
Cause y'all be tricking on em way too easy
See you can feed a few pigeons
That's when you realise them hoes a tease

Live from the Bahamas
I gotta be honest
Working on a classic
Got to forgive me for my silence
Swear it felt like college
Knowledge that you gave was timeless
Knew that you had good brain
I knew you'd graduate with honours
My P was the finest
Bowing like she paying homage
Pulling that ponytail girl
What you mix with Pocahontas?
Cesa triple zeros, working jumping over commas
You can say that I gave you love
But you can't say I gave a promise
Girl no dollars

And girl I'd love to kick it with ya
But you know I gotta run
And stack some hundreds in between
My trigger finger and my thumb
It was lovely while it lasted
But I think the time has come
Hope you keep your composure
When I say that it's over

We all done
Darling, we all done
She said I'm on one
Now that we're all done, done, done
I might not cuff and I might not trick
I might just split cause we don't just fit
Don't come back cause she might be sick
Cause she might be the one that I say i'm not with
When we all done

Loving the way she grip me
Loving the way my grip be
Feeling off in my pockets - and she's history
Legends like Snoop and 50
Maybach Coupe like Ricky
Feeling just like my dick
Be weighing a tonne off in my dickies
Ball like Kenneth Griffey
Hit it like Kenneth Griffey
They say stay on your toes
That's why I'm always on my tippies
Watch the people close in case
Any one of y'all acting shifty
Lipstick on my hollow tip
Don't let this clique give you a hicky
Posted in between the pillow
Laying near in the pyjamas
With the slickest Texas rhymer
That's when you know you can find her
Tell the dead i'm out of time
You know that that's a problem I'mma make her say
I know you didn't got her sounding just like Wonda
The 16th I be in Vegas, 26th I be in China
Booked 'til August, I come back
And drop a mixtape in my honour
We live from the Bahamas
Hope her panties is designer
I had your girl interior decorating her vagina
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