The Baddest Click Testo

Testo The Baddest Click

Color Changin' Click.. (*gun shot*) The baddest click of all Northside blowing up, they can't stop us [Hook] I got the baddest click I know I told you niggaz once, I ain't gotta say it twice Black, Puerto Rican and Spanish chicks All wanna hop in the slab with me, and roll with me tonight Your nigga, is getting agged and pissed He trying to say, that he ain't having it at al But your pussy, is the baddest clit Color Changin' Click boy, and my mission is to cock back and destroy [Rasaq] My click is bad, thoed off the dome Sick with the pad, rolling on chrome in the whip or the slab Despicable cash, mouth look like invisible glass And you girl just laugh, at your pitiful ass Can't no one use the same words, and syllables as My little cool ass, jamming a Screw cause I said a little bit too fast I'm skipping through class, flipping through cash With little du-rags I'm a little too bad, I spit at you fags The pistol will blast, at your critical mash You a little too slow, well that's a little too bad On the mic I don't back down, I clap at you whack clowns Bury rappers under the stage, dress the mic in a black gown Get slap and sat down, with verbs and fast nouns No gat to be found, when the FEDs searching pat down It's Koopa and Rasaq, in the booth or in a drop We the baddest click, we hot and you not We rap and you talk, we floss and you watch We pass and jock, we get props you do not nigga Yeah, yeah.. [Hook] [Chamillionaire] I step up in a building on my head, like I'm too gutter to speak I'm gutter I cheat, every week with a slut or a freak Building-building on my head, like I'm too gutter too speak I'm gutter I cheat, every week with a slut or a freak Build-build-building on my head, like I'm too gutter to speak I'm gutter I cheat, every week with a slut or a freak I love her physique, Koopa can put the nut on her cheek Her butt or the sheet, or be slow with it and nut on her teeth The other's a treat, when they see how I cuddle the heat Hakim scheme for the hew, or the color of a leaf Green, king of the team and now my brother's the Chief Don, they say the borther's a geek But no, the site got one point five million hits Check my track record, I drop one point five million hits Some chicks are like crooks, your cheddar will get took I'm six inches taller, I keep a lot of cheddar then a foot She mad cause my verses and hook, are better than her looks I step up in U-Face, with a school sweater and some books No scooting, just wanted to see who want it with me When to come to learning to add, I teach my brother for free In school I never wanted a A, or wanted a B I wanted a G, now all the G's wanna be me Hold up my wheels are ferris, my rims the rarest He dick down airport chicks, might catch him in Paris Make 'em feel embarrassed, like she just did an appearance On a Girls Gone Wild video, and got caught by her parents No friend to marriage, so she gon be my enemy If she wanna marry me, I'll let her down gently The way that he spend it, he must be kin to a Kennedy The President poster child, got paper you'll never see it's the King All mighty King Koopa, bow down Ghetto Status mayn [Hook] [Chamillionaire] Hmmm, we swanging foreigns Rims spinning and the paint, gon color change fa sho When the game's, getting boring Rasaq and Chamillionaire, will come and save the show Doing shows, and touring We ain't signed to a major, but got major do' Hmmmm-mmmm-mmmm Color Changin' Click, let's go

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