The Sound Of Revenge ( Intro) Testo

Testo The Sound Of Revenge ( Intro)

[Verse 1] Yeah, a lightning bolt strikes in the air, yeah, finally it's here Cause y'all are the judge, the day of judgement finally is near In your eye I see a tear, and it's remindin me of fear Rap's been dead so long, so stop denyin what you feel Dis payback for the fact that y'all ain't tryin to keep it real Grim reaper that we call Revenge right beside ya in your ear He's saying your time expired, time is finally due it's clear Not sober mind is a weak mind and he's buyin you a beer - ha ha ha Cheers... time for a toast (your heart's beatin, your heart's beatin) To the haters that hate you the most (your heart's beatin) And the friends that pretend to be your folks (your heart's beatin) This is what revenge sounds like (your heart's beatin, your heart's beatin) I hear your heart beatin, keep runnin your mouth, yeah [Verse 2] Your mouth runnin ahead of you, your mouth do what your legs should do Let me walk to the edge with you, jump off of it, it It sounds like your ready to, cause these rappers are terrible And the game is unbearable but I'ma fix, fix This feeling that's dead in you got your brains like a vegetable Use the Pro Tools and tell em to edit it, it Switch to somethin that's better fool, turn it up what you better do When I'm bringing revenge to you it sounds like this, this, this Somebody call the doctor (you're not breathin, you're not breathin) They ain't gonna be well after this one right here You're not breathin (you're not breathin, you're not breathin) Just make sure they learn the name (you're not breathin) that's about to be runnin the game (you're not breathin) Tell 'em the name ... Chamillitary mayne [Verse 3] Shoulda heard what I was tellin you, I don't do what the jealous do I don't hate when a nigga make it, cause I'm smarter and better too You run when they tell you to but I move when I'm ready to If you stop to take a breather, see that I'm light years ahead of you Y'all musta thought y'all wasn't gonna have to see me or somethin (you're not leavin, you're not leavin) Houston, Texas, I'm here now (you're not leavin, you're not leavin) Anybody gotta problem? (you're not leavin) Speak now or forever hold your peace (you're not leavin) I ain't think so - yeah! [Verse 4] The feeling's great cause they pay me, I expect some hatred so daily I'm sticking the middle finger up like the feeling's mutual baby The franchise and they say that the future can't really trade me In Houston, I'm number one like I'm in the place of McGrady But keep on pacing it baby, the full truth has arrived If they ask you about you nigga, you fin' to lie They assk me about me and hear a truthful reply They said they seem none better than me so hear the truth wit'cha eyes [Chorus] Better go take over befo' it rains Cause I'd hate to say that I told you mayne I know, I know what you're gonna say... but have it your way I know these haters is gonna hate And I see that angry look on your face Tell 'em _Sound of Revenge_ is on the way... this isn't your day Lookin for the truth, they ask me where have you been? (Where have you been? Where have you been?) Getting ready for these haters, I got somethin for them (Somethin for them, somethin for them) You're real quiet 'til you think you hear a sound in the wind (Sound in the wind, sound in the wind) You turn around cause you think you hear that sound once again You hear that? (Yeah what's that?) That's _The Sound of Revenge_ [gunshots] [Female] See, I told you That's what happens when you get on his bad side Ha ha ha Chamillitary mayne! ... And now, for _The Sound of Revenge_

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