You Gon' Learn Testo

Testo You Gon' Learn

'Cause each and every day that you stay away
Breaks my ache and heart in two
And it's causing to pray oh baby, baby

Let me talk to my congregation
They tell me the money talk so let's get some communication
Yeah two forever but you've been patient
The naked of liars tryin to hint it the reputation
Just know your troubles won't be for sakin
They tell me the money talks just they pay me with conversation
Every thing has a price if you don't know what you pay for your life
You don't know what you pay for your life
You gon learn and [?]

This is way how you learn to win
The congregation is heel at the conversation begin
Hey turn your scriptions to pay ten
'Cause loyalty is everything and flip floppin should pay a sin
Hey that's the offer and play the game
You support the move and improve it by what is [?]
Everything has a price if you ain't learn anything in life
Just do whatever you like, you gonna learn and die

Tell em you sip and purple
I'm smoking and getting faded
Lying and really lying the rappers is entertainment
When you get imitated that's when you know that you made it
Rapers go after women and every rapper in dating
Open the candy [?] she tell me she may be [?]
This vehicle heavenly I just hope that you make the list
That isn't the man alive that he say you get the disk
Keep going until your pocket and drop the cream made it cheeps
Give me your damn [?] I'm roll with the dezzie
Eagle that's just the people who know that on ready
Pretty women skeamin me and go to the telly
That's easy and try to take off the kind of em
But a [?] my congregation is heavy conversation is skill
Put money inside the plate that I'm offering until is pill
[?] if you ashly got gangsta after a deal
A book say doubt is not real


I've been knowing for attacking the preacher
Does in practice what it [?]
And keep the speed
Same pack it ain't for nothing sweet
It happen he ain't' even got one
Never touch the shot gun
Worst in the [?] have a [?]
That's what he gonna
But he ain't the blame
It all [?] s holly of that
We only jump a [?] we could probably [?]


Where do you go when you see the road in the fox split
[?] same soldiers you're walking when you go with
Lucky to beat I was lucky before I [?]
Have me as twisted as I [?] I open course with the [?]
Swithcin the course as in my vision
Thought I'm a shoot and blinx
But poppin and clippin then listen
[?] just keep on coming and master their reputation
Probably kill on my spirit no time for exorcism
[?] time for a revelation ours was [?] I never had hesitation
Damn upon ym level em and my [?] jason
I'm the original [?] just an interpolation
Livin inside of [?] we know is unfer one
Wanted to [?] mother told me
Unnotice the [?] was there
Then she told always be prepared
And I was keep God first when you [?] you almost there

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