Casualty Of Love Testo

Testo Casualty Of Love

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Silent night is keeping me from sleep
2am, I'm running with bare feet
Heartbeat racing, I was just sixteen
Caught a taxi, hoping I'm not seen
So naïve, I could not bear to wait

Oh, oh what I didn't know
I never loved him
So what was real?
And oh, he was a drug to me
But he's the casualty of love

Through my neighborhood
(I didn't care)
Nothing could stop me from getting there
Had a sickness, he was my medicine
So in lust, he could have been anyone
Not so special, Mama was right after all
Mama was right there was no love
It's all in my head
Just an obsession with him
What a waste of my time
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