Heavenly Days Testo

Testo Heavenly Days

Heavenly Days
Look at that sky
It could've been rainin'
It could've been dry
It could've been cloudy
It could've been clear
It could've been sunshine
It could've been drear
It could've been so many ways
Heavenly Days

Havenly Days
So what do we do?
Dare to be different
Dare to be true
Bury the treasure
Like we've always done
Or crawl from the wreckage
And walk in the sun
Fannin' the flame 'til it's a blaze
Heavenly Days

Heavenly Days
Look at us now
We're comin' up roses
And takin' a bow
Tennessee tomboy
Feminine girl
Takin' a ride
On the top of the world
Nobody's master
Nobody's slave
Heavenly Days

It's your place in line
It's your right of birth
It's your light to shine
Down on God's green earth
It's your brother's hand
It's your sister's smile
It's your father's plan
For your mother's child
And it's comin' in waves
Heavenly Days
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