We Can Make It If We Move Testo

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Testo We Can Make It If We Move

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I found a story I once wrote
where airwaves swallowed cities whole
The source of all destruction was my own
And I'm starting to think we can be
more than where we set our feet
so lets start doing everything we can


So tell me what it is you're waiting for
your stares shoot down my door
It's nothing that I care to understand
(let's make a plan, let's make a plan)
And we can give up on this push and pull
I swear its not impossible
Its just something that I'll never understand

There's a song that plays from the east coast singing
"we strove to make this, you won't break us down"
into anything less than the heart we have
And there's a way to leave small towns behind
using stereos and clever lines
and finally i think i found the time

lets make our stand.
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