One Night Only Testo

Testo One Night Only

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm so sick of
This one-stop motion
When things don't work out your way

I won't say I'm sorry
So please don't tell me
That we're better off this way

It's one night only, one night only
Keep telling yourself it's all you need
It's one night only, come on and hold me
I'll forget by the time you leave

You lost your mind when
You realized that you
Were just a passing phase

But this one-stop motion
Has left you guessing, if you
If you could ever stand a chance, with me

Tonight's the night
When we pretend to be

I'm lost and I can't see
My head's spinning off me
This song will play through us tonight

I sent chills down your spine
But this will be my final line
Whatever I say tonight, don't pay no mind
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