Set It Off Testo

Testo Set It Off

I believe in all that's real,
but I'm taking it back now so I can feel.
I know it's better than being alone
So I'm taking it back now. I'm taking it all.

Will I ever leave town, well I don't think that I can,
They will follow me out and put a bullet in my head
Another cross to bare so stop and stare
I'm taking this one for the broken and despaired

So tie me down to these preverbal tracks,
Send my fate from both ways and never look back,
And the radio blares "Calling all cars"
To pick up what's left of me, Here lies your disregard

What else could they say, he hit a wall and lost it all
all at 23

On and on we sing along
Not knowing what had happened this way
All along we set it off,
the man, the gun. who's actions were to blame?

I've been beaten way down but I can stand up now
make a fist with this hand and punch my way out,
leave it all behind my faith in you,
But I was so blind, what else was there to do?
What could I do?
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