The Truman Show Testo

Testo The Truman Show

Fabio Rovazzi: arriva l’accusa di plagio
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Gotta tell someone about this paranoia
something has begun, they can observe
they can destroy you
deep inside of me, remote control
now someone's watching
lenses focusing now I provide the action
all my life caught on camera
looking at the sky
I wonder why I'm feeling edgy
all the probing lights
now things are getting sketchy
the more I think it through
the more I feel I'm fainting
they program it all, now it's me they're wasting
all my life caught on camera
coming from the sky
I can see he's smiling
pleasant kind of guy
he greets me very kindly
but what's wrong with this,
I can see that he conspires
filming from the wrist and out along the wire
all my life caught on camera
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