Triathlon Testo

Testo Triathlon

See I arch my back like a dolphin
a torpedo surging on waves of endorphins
arms are like armies in motion
propulsion, expulsion, a river of forces
I rise above your floods
now I can slide upon the water
a drive of replenishing blood
alone with horizontal thoughts now
I slip and slide inside
and ride the tears you never showed me regrets and all
feeling aside,
tell me, was that love?
with a minimum exertion
and the maximum of speed I will shake off
take it in and take control,
check my heart, my soul, my breathing and take off....
I'm transforming matter with travel
alchemical metal and muscle in fusion
the wheel pushes forwards as always
imploring and launching me into the future
these mountains that I climb
designs inclined by your inertia
freewheeling down the slide
these tears, my eyes, the dream returning
the gap between us looms
now every inch my independence
now I expect that soon
the envelope pulls back....
the sound of my feet on the ground
I pound towards my resurrection
the final mercurial round
of this escape, this insurrection
I kick up dust from the past
rising to retreating distance
the prey is the hunter at last
the taste is on my mouth......
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