Hibakusha Testo

Testo Hibakusha

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I feel like a Hibakusha
Marked with scars of another's affairs
Helpless to defend my honor
Who knew the bushido could fail

Hammered bamboo and broken backs
Living under the red dot flags
It sits alone amidst the white
Like targets- Fire what you will

Down here in dystopia
Kill who are and where you're from
You'll still receive your labels
On the tops of uni-bombs

Abandon tradition
It obviously failed you now
On papal thrones and minutemen
Absorb your propagandic vows

Can you see beyond the clothing
Can you see beyond the skin
Can you see past the mindset
That you have grown up having

I feel like a Hibakusha
Boasting burns of another's ordeals
Hopeless to preserve my name when
Brothers rise with wills of steel

Burn my kimono in the streets
Do you like my flag pins
Sure patriotic they may seem
But I don't want them

Am I breathing - It's so easy
To exhale words of condescension
Like an open tap
Just by living- I can't help it
Suddenly, nailed to the board
Like butterfly displays
Of 'my name is' tags
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