A Stillborn Memory Testo

Testo A Stillborn Memory

Celine Dion canta Édith Piaf per omaggiare le vittime di Parigi
Memory lane is sad
Everything is sad
So I guess everythings a memory
Or will be or will be

True love is sad
Everything is sad
If you have no one to love
You have no one to lose but yourself
If you have no trophy to polish
You can dust the empty shelf

You cant touch time
But it can sure as hell touch you
Its an intangible whale
Youre one krill in the sea
Bit by bit, we are consumed
Digested and shit out as a stillborn memory

Memory lane is sad
Happiness is sad
So happiness is just a memory
One of Times subtle cruelties
Why must the world be so forgettable
When the worlds just a memory