My Saving Grace Testo

Testo My Saving Grace

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate

Here I am just like before
We had it over still I want it more
You took my hand look to the floor
You seem to understand am
Who I am and nothing more

And mistakes I've made a few
And in past I know I disappointed you
Let you see
Until your angel comes alone
I'll be the place where you belong

Ya, love your soul to refuge genuine
The place you find yourself
When you were lost
And you don't know where begin
More from all your doubt
Believe when your faith through out
When the last stand has been played
I'll be your saving grace
Your saving grace

I remember all of those wasted days
You're right here and I keep drifting away
I regret all those unspoken words
I won't forget
It was your strength that gave us love
Until your angel comes alone
I'll be the place where you belong


And I'll catch you in a fall
And hear your every call
Until the time to you ranged
I'll be your saving grace

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