Things That Make No Sense Testo

Testo Things That Make No Sense

how can I make this clear?
it seems so simple yet
I could spend my whole life saying things that make no sense
like life is so unfair
yes and this is so unfair
but I didn't leave you behind
you're still ahead of me
if you doubt it let me remind you
I'm in love with you
at least it's clear to me
I just need to sip from the miraculous pitcher
that holds water downwards
and the next time you make pie I'll be home for a slice
and spend my hours holding back
because nice guy's finish last
if you doubt it
let me remind you
I'm in love with you
so take your hand and dry my eyes
and when I doubt you know how...remind me too
(the first time I ever saw you I was about four -
- I was supposed to be sleeping -- instead I was .......)
I'm so much more in love with the way
than in way with the love
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