Living In Your Letters Testo

Testo Living In Your Letters

I've waited my whole life
For some one to come
And take me away like you did.
And every night I'm with you
Makes me feel like the first time we kissed.
It's amazing
How much I need you.
And I don't know why,
But when I'm without you
Apart of me dies,
And I start to remember
All the great times that we've had.

And I miss you.
I just wanna be with you.
I wish that you felt
The same way i do.
But the looks that you gave,
And the way that you touch me...
That same kind of feeling
That made me believe in us.
And the way we got lost in eachother's eyes
Made me feel like there's some other side
That's retrieving my soul.
And saved me from my misery.

I can't dream anymore
Because you've gone away.
I can't live without out you.
Cause there's so much pain.
There's a place in my heart
Where my feelings for you were dead.
And i'm feeling like im jaded.
And it's come to the point
Where I can't even stand
To be on my own.
So I'll live in your letters
And cry all night long cause you're gone.
Cause you're gone.
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