Take 1 Testo

Testo Take 1

He waited all his life for her to come along.
(Take his breath away)

She loved him all so much
But never really realized
(Just how much he meant to her)

Then he said:
Why I love you, please run away with me.
But she ran, so scared of a love that was
Never meant to be.

So scared to fall, but if you do,
I'll pick you up; we'll never let you go
I'll give my world to you, just as long
As you stay right here with me
Stay right here with me

Why does this always happen
Why can't it just end happily?
Same old story told over again;
About how the boy who gets the girl in the end

Then he said:
“Why can't you just give me this one chance?”
But she ran, so scared of another lost romance

[Chorus] x2
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