Homophobia Is A Crime And You Are A Criminal Testo

Testo Homophobia Is A Crime And You Are A Criminal

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you use the word "faggot" at least ten times a day, and it's usually not even in reference to being gay. insecurity leads to bigotry as you spit on the minority. hey, fucking asshole here's a question for you: what justifies an individual being pushed under you. and can status be measured by someon's sexual preference? or is it only in only in your fascist mind that it makes a fucking difference? whether it's bred from religion, upbringing, or stupidity, someone's fucked with your head and warped all sense of reality and your idea of a "normal human being" is nothing but a fucking nazi. hey, fucking asshole, here's a question for you: who died and made you god of what people think and do? and i can't wait for the day when your ignorant ways are smashed and your fascist ideology is shoved up your fucking ass

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